Custom Minigame with Revenue Share

one of the most important plan of MyStake is making a custom Minigame for NFT owners. NFT owners will receive revenue share from the profit of the game.

How does it work?

MyStake has variety of minigames, whose characters have became NFT cards. Each game has a fixed RTP (return to player) coefficient, which indicates the monthly income of the game. Minigames on MyStake are provided with the highest possible RTP, varying from 97% to 99%. It means that 1%-3% of total bets is the income of the casino. In the nearest future MyStake will make a dedicated, custom NFT minigame. The income of the game will be shared between NFT owners. In the meantime, any NFT owner can become one of our affiliate marketers, earn commission on Revenue Share, CPA and hybrid plans, make the custom minigame known in the public and enjoy more and more income from the piece of MyStake NFT collection!

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