Dedicated Tournaments

MyStake will host dedicated tournaments for NFT owners.

How does it work?

Leaderboard Tournaments are hosted on MyStake on weekly basis. Players around the world compete for a share from the prize pool. The NFT owners will be able to participate in special, dedicated tournaments with increased benefits such as:

Increased Prize Pool

NFT – dedicated leaderboard tournaments will have increased prize pools which gives NFT owners an ability to earn real money profits as a NFT utility.

Limited Entry

While regular tournament gives participation access to any MyStake user, reaching the top position requires high rollover count. As for the NFT dedicated tournament, the NFT itself will be an entry ticket for the tournament, which means that the number of maximum participants are limited. Participating player count equals the total supplied amount of the NFT. Limited Entry ensures much higher winning chances!


NFT holders will have ability to receive special notifications each time somebody has passed him in the leaderboard in order to keep a track on their current position!

Overall, Dedicated NFT Tournament ensures the real money income utility of the MyStake NFT collections!