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The MYSTAKE NFT collections

Mystake.com is an online casino providing variety of slot, live-casino, a well regulated sportsbook and exclusive minigames 

We’re glad to announce that MyStake has decided to turn Minigame characters into utility NFTs! Chicken, Dino and Icefield Yeti have become NFT character cards and were assigned special in-game and real-life utilities.

Become the owner of MyStake NFT for special utilities, perks and real-life privileges such as:

1) dedicated leaderboard tournaments;

2) increased withdrawal and betting limits;

3) special cash-back and reload bonuses

4) Custom design background on gameplay + Access to the MyStake Mobile App

5) Personal Manager assisting you 24/7

6) Free Bets, Free Spins, Free Rounds and much more!

The market demand for the MyStake NFT collection is not only covered by members of MyStake community! Our active social media campaign, thanks to our affiliates, ensures the increase of the NFT collection popularity! Even people with no interest in gambling can take advantage by holding our NFT knowing that MyStake minigames are going to go live in other Online Casino brands with higher player base, taking with them all of their utilities, which rapidly expands the market cover! Read More about the NFT collection future plans.

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